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Объявление снято с публикации
24 июля 2018

Iron Ore Fines 64% Fe

Одесса | Добавлено: 24 июля 2018, номер: 1979

Iron Ore Fines 64% Fe, 90$

Одесса | 24 июля 2018, номер: 1979, просмотры: 75
    UKREXPORT has direct access to miners of Iron Ore across Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Poltava regions of Ukraine, where up to 20 mining companies operate independently or corporately with Swiss and other European headoffices. In particular, deposits of Iron Ore are explored in the vicinities of (towns of) Krivoy Rog, Belozerskoye, Kremenchug. High Iron natural minerals (natural 55% Fe) -- such as Hematite Ore and Martite Ore -- lie down in depth till 500 meters, most layers being explored at 100 meters and 250 meters. Low Iron natural minerals (natural 35% Fe) -- the oxidated quartzites of Hematite Ore and Martite Ore -- come up outward to surface. That’s why mining is carried out both from under and on the ground. Then both these types of natural minerals are being crushed and sorted. Small fraction 0-10mm (Fines) goes for preliminary agglomeration (separation from Silica). Big fraction above 10mm (Lumps) simply gets washed and goes directly for smelting at steel mills. Thus after preliminary agglomeration, washing and magnetic concentration, eventual content of processed Iron Ore attains 65% Fe and more:
    Fe 62-66%; FeO2 25% max; Al2O3 2% max; SiO2 10% max; CaO 3% max; MgO 2% max; MnO 1% max; P2O5 0.05% max; SO2 0.1% max
    Such are the technical and chemical particularities. But there’s no need to ask for our particular prices, as we always aim at Metal Bulletin’s CIF Qingdao up-to-date quotations +10% logistical adjustments for less than 100,000mt parcel +$30/mt geographical adjustments for being too far from China. For example, Metal Bulletin’s 66% Fe Index being $92.58 per metric tonne CIF Qingdao. After adding 10% for sub-optimal logistics and $30/mt for Bosporus and Suez passages, we quote $135/mt CIF Qingdao or minus $45/mt = $90/mt FOB Ukraine basis if buyer runs his own fleet of vessels.
    We can propose high grade 64% Fe +/-2% up to 50,000mt on monthly basis and consider up to 80,000mt on spot basis. Trial lots up to 5,000mt monthly are easier to ship in containers, packed in jumbo bags or wrapped inside one big container bag. Swiss or European clients qualify for 100% L/C, but still pay first 2% T/T prior to main contract with miner.
    For additional information in English write through:
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