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Iron Ore Fines 62% Fe

Одесса | Добавлено: 24 июля 2018, номер: 1980

Iron Ore Fines 62% Fe, 60$

Одесса | 24 июля 2018, Vadim Bondarenko, номер: 1980, просмотры: 45
    UKREXPORT has direct access to miners of Iron Ore in Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine. Although general deposits of Iron Ore in Ukraine are estimated on the level of 32.5 billion metric tons (which is 1/20th part of all world reserves), 100% of the mined Iron Ore can be immediately consumed domestically by local metallurgical factories. Typical mine normally has obligation to supply 2/3rds of the output for local consumption leaving only 1/3rd for stocking or for exporting. Why not? After all, local buyers also cash down immediately. That’s why no Iron Ore is amply available here to foreign buyers as easy target or easy prey either. Providing really committed foreign buyers bring really incoming money, we can allocate 60-62% Fe in quantity 20,000MT on monthly basis and sometimes up to 40,000MT on spot basis. And that is Iron Ore Concentrate Fines, to be precise, crashed to average micron fraction 0.50mm and washed of non-metallic impurities:
    Fe 60-62%; FeO2 10% max; Al2O3 2% max; SiO2 10% max; P 0.025% max; S 0.015% max
    Such are the technical and chemical particularities. But there’s no need to ask for our particular prices, as we always aim at Metal Bulletin’s CIF Qingdao up-to-date quotations +10% logistical adjustments for less than 100,000mt parcel +$30/mt geographical adjustments for being too far from China. For example, Metal Bulletin’s 62% Fe Index being $66.87 per metric tonne CIF Qingdao. After adding 10% for sub-optimal logistics and $30/mt for Bosporus and Suez passages, we quote $105/mt CIF Qingdao or minus $45/mt = $60/mt FOB Ukraine basis if buyer runs his own fleet of vessels.
    Cargo can be sent either by rail to neighboring countries or by sea across Mediterranean region or farther to Middle East and also to Asia. MOQ (minimal order quantity) is 20,000mt monthly in bulk, while up to 5,000mt monthly is prompt to ship in containers, packed in jumbo bags or wrapped inside one big container bag. 100% T/T prepayment applies only, including first 2% prior to main contract with miner.
    For additional information in English write through:
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    Vadim Bondarenko
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