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Гарячекатаний лист/рулон (1,5-8мм)

Луцк | Добавлено: 25 апреля 2020, номер: 8529

Гарячекатаний лист/рулон (1,5-8мм), 525$

Луцк | 25 апреля 2020, UKREXPORT LTD, номер: 8529, просмотры: 3
    UKREXPORT LTD represents Ukraine’s manufacturers of commercial or thin Steel Sheets & Coils, hot-rolled in relative variety of grades and dimensions. Thickness to be within 1.5-8.0mm, width within 1,000-1,500mm, length within 2,000-12,000mm or else length in coils specified by buyers. Common and specific characteristics include 1) plates and sheets of ordinary carbon steel for general purposes; 2) plates of quality carbon steel for general purposes; 3) plates of high quality structural steel for cold stamping; 4) plates with increased strength; 5) sheets of structural low-alloyed steel; 6) sheets and wide strips of structural quality steel.
    Manufactured according to domestic and partially international standards as following:
    -- ST0-6 SP
    -- ST0-6, 10 KP(PS)
    -- 07-08 GYUT
    -- 08-20 KP(PS), 25PS
    -- 09G2, 09G2D, 09G2С
    -- S235JR, S235JRG1, S235JRG2, S275JR
    Regulated by general State Standards DSTU 2834-94 (including GOST 4041-71, GOST 19903-74, GOST 17066-80, GOST 14637-89, GOST 19281-89, GOST 1577-93, GOST 16523-97) and specific Technical Conditions TU U 14-4-426-98, TU U 14-4-458-99, TU U 14-16-56-2000, TU U 27.1-4-516-2002, TU U 27.1-00193714-182-2004, TU U 27.1-23365425-621:2007; and rolled into groups of dimensions preceding from thickness/width variation:
    1.5х970-1030mm; length 2000-6000(12000)mm
    1.8х970-1100mm; length 2000-6000(12000)mm
    1.9х1000-1250mm; length 2000-6000(12000)mm
    2.0-2.5х1000-1250mm; length 2000-6000(12000)mm
    2.6-2.9х1000-1360mm; length 2000-6000(12000)mm
    3.0-3.9х1000-1500mm; length 2000-6000(12000)mm
    4.0-6.0х1000-1500mm; length 2000-6000(12000)mm
    6.1-8.0х1000-1500mm; length 2000-6000(12000)mm
    Minimal order quantity is 1,000mt because this is minimal capacity of a single blast furnace where requested steel grade for requested Steel Sheet or Coil is to be smelted. It is often delivered in 20ft/40ft containers, since bulk vessels don’t always have decks good for placing bundles of Flat Steel. Please note, any original production of HR Sheets/Coils is factory approvable but not publicly accessible process. True inquiry for particular production/offer/price has to show authentic information: 1) who (what company) is buyer/importer/consignee; 2) where (what bank) his payment is to come from; 3) how (in copies of docs) he bought/imported/consumed HR Steel last time, to prove 1) and 2). Visit Ukrexport(dot)Ltd.
    As provided by National Classifier of Ukraine DK 009:2010
    "Classification of Types of Economic Activity" (KVED):
    *71130 Domestic trade to commercial organizations;
    72200 International trade to commercial organizations;
    *51.70.0 Other wholesale trade.
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    на сайте с 25 апреля 2020
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